buy a yacht greanda

If you are considering buying a boat in Grenada, look no further than Horizon Yachts!  Buying a yacht is an easy process for any prospective buyer, and there are no taxes to pay on the purchase of a boat in Grenadian waters!

Read on for our guide to buying a yacht in Grenada:

  1. Choose Yacht Type
  2. Determine Your budget
  3. Yacht Location
  4. How Will You Use Your Yacht?
  5. Purchase Through a Yacht Broker

Choose Yacht Type

Take some time to decide what kind of boat will suit your needs. Consider hull shape: monohull, catamaran or trimaran? Are you looking for a specific make and model? How big (or small) do you want your yacht to be? All these will be depend on personal preference plus your cruising needs.

Determine Your Budget

When considering your budget you should also take into consideration what proportion should go into necessary work and equipment.  Also consider your annual maintenance costs plus any hauling/launching requirements.

Yacht Location

The location at which the yacht you are wanting to purchase is very important. If you relish the idea of sailing to the Caribbean, you may choose to buy where you already live. If you plan to cruise the Caribbean but don’t want the hassle of sailing from your country, then buying in location is ideal. The Caribbean is also a good starting point for a world wide cruise.

How Will You Use Your Yacht?

Are you planning to liveaboard, cruise for part of the year, or use the yacht for charter? Are you island hopping or planning a round the World cruise? Depending on how you plan to use your boat will determine the best type and size of boat to buy. For example, liveaboards may have bigger storage requirements and if you plan to charter you may be looking for a yacht with dedicated crew quarters.

Purchase Through a Yacht Broker

The Yacht Broker’s role is to protect your interests throughout the purchasing process, from the initial consult to taking delivery of your vessel. When you make an initial inquiry we immediately offer a live Zoom or WhatsApp tour which generally takes one to one and a half hours depending on the size and complexity of the boat being viewed. If the viewing goes well and the client wants to move onto the next stage, we provide the client with contact details of all Marine Survey Companies in Grenada. A survey is booked, a 10% deposit is paid into our dedicated escrow account and a survey date is given to the Horizon broker. We then contact the most convenient boat yard and book an out of water survey haul and subsequent launch should the boat be in the water, or a sea trial launch and subsequent haul should the boat be on the hard stand. It is much easier for Horizon to make these arrangements as we are familiar with the boat yards and their requirements. If the survey goes well, the remainder of the funds are paid into escrow and once received Horizon acquires all legal paperwork for the buyer to register the boat and prove title. Registering a boat in most countries is generally a simple online procedure.

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