used yacht sale grenada

If you are considering selling your yacht, then look no further than Horizon Yachts! Whilst it may seem a daunting task, selling a boat in Grenada is an easy process for the owner and there are no taxes to pay on the sale of a boat in Grenadian waters!

Read on for our guide on the best way to sell your yacht in Grenada:

  1. Choose An Experienced Broker
  2. Preparing Your Yacht
  3. Yacht Evaluation
  4. Marketing Your Yacht
  5. Negotiation and Purchase Agreement
  6. Sea Trials and Completing the Final Paperwork

Choose An Experienced Broker

Experienced brokers understand the yacht sales process and we at Horizon Yachts have years of experience preparing yachts for sale and know the steps required to complete the sale. Commissioning a professional broker will ensure your boat has world-wide advertising exposure with the largest yacht sales web sites and betters your chance of maximising on the sell price. We handle the process from start to finish including vetting and ongoing communication with potential buyers, viewings, live Zoom or WhatsApp tours, negotiations, sea trials, skippering for sea trials, haul and launch arrangements with boat yard and surveyor, escrow services and legal paperwork.

When listing a boat we require a copy of the boats registration, Customs Clearance and Cruising Permit. A valuation is given and a sell price is agreed upon prior to a listing agreement being signed. Our listings are exclusive but we encourage co-brokering which means any broker world wide can find a buyer but we control the sale process.

Prepare Your Yacht

You should begin by cleaning and decluttering your yacht where possible. Having a clean, tidy boat immediately makes you yacht look more attractive to purchasers.  If you are not onboard, you might want to consider hiring workers to clean it regularly and have it ready for a showing at any time.

Yacht Evaluation

Ensuring your yacht is valued appropriately is vital to both you and any potential buyers. To accurately value your yacht, we will analyse the market for all yacht sales but also for your boat model in particular. We will also consider any special features your yacht has to help determine a good price. 

Marketing Your Yacht

It is imperative that the world knows your yacht is for sale. We advertise on Yachtworld, and our Horizon web sites and we allow any brokerage company world wide to plagiarise our adverts onto their own company web sites increasing the boats exposure to potential buyers. We will provide you with a data sheet for you to list all the equipment onboard in order to build the best listing we can.

We also have a YouTube channel where we share our video walkthroughs of your yacht, videos which are also added to the Yachtworld lisitings.

Lead reports can be provided to sellers to show various statistics ranging from advert viewings to actual email leads. When a client makes an initial inquiry we immediately offer a live Zoom or WhatsApp tour which generally takes one to one and a half hours depending on the size and complexity of the boat being viewed

Negotiation & Purchase Agreement

After we find a potential buyer, it’s time to negotiate and finalize their purchase. If the potential buyer has any issues regarding your yacht’s condition, they may wish to have it inspected. They will usually pay for the inspection unless you and your broker have made other arrangements with them. If applicable, warranties for the yacht may also be discussed during the negotiation period. We strive for the best negotiation possible so that you can walk away happy and with the most money in your pocket.

Sea Trails & Final Paperwork

When we have a serious buyer and receive a 10% deposit from them, they may request a sea trial. If the owner is not able to be at the survey or sea trial, Horizon will provide a RYA qualified skipper free of charge or alternatively a standby skipper at a small cost. Horizon can arrange for the boat to be fully prepared for a pending sea trial such as the re-installation of sails and commissioning of winterised engines etc.

After the sea trial, and once your buyer, you and your broker have come to an agreement, the final paperwork can begin. Horizon are responsible for completing paperwork such as the Bill of Sale and advising and guiding the seller on every stage of the sale process. Buyers funds are held safely in a dedicated escrow account and are passed onto the seller as soon as the sellers legal commitments are fulfilled which is normally on the day of closure or very shortly after.